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Welcome to Money Manager Android User Guide!

Here, you can find all of user manuals for our features and services as well as troubleshooting guides!

Also, if you have any further queries or you are experiencing an issue which you cannot find any solutions please ask us any questions here via commenting system! We will respond back to you as soon as we can.

You can also leave some comments here as well for any kind of suggestions so that we can improve our services in future updates.

Have a nice day everyone! 🙂



1,468 thoughts on “Welcome! / Q&A

  1. Hi, I am having lots of trouble downloading the information on my Money Manager to my computer in a useable format. I have tried everything I know to keep the catagories as the heading and the totals for the year. Whenever I export it it just shows transactions in a linear form with no totals. Is this application able to do this or not, as if not it is not useful to me? I have 8 months of data in my phone but it is not useable if I cannot download it and format it to how I require it.
    Thanks Mark


  2. Hi, I am unable to download my expense and income statements in the excel spreadsheet option. When I click on excel it says website cannot be reached, can anyone help me how I can down load this so I can send to my financial advisor?
    Thanks Mark


    • I have now been able to download statement but it is in a format that just lists transactions in order I need to be able to put them into catergory or a different format. Can anyone help? Thanks Mark


      • In settings > backup > export excel to email you can choose with some of your file managers to create an excel file locally in your smartphone.

        Then transfer it to your PC.

        In your PC, you can access the file and will find this structure:

        Date Account Category Subcategory Contents MXN Income/Expense Memo Amount Currency Account

        date might be tricky in some OS versions, coz it might confuse the dd/mm with mm/dd format. account is the source account, if it is a transference, category will have the destiny account, if it is an expense or income, catedory and subcategory will represent the income/expense category and subcategory, if you have configured income and expense categories, that is.

        I did a test myself and it does show an excel with all my movements classified acording to my criteria.

        Hope it was helpful for you.



    • Hello. This is Money Manager Team.
      Thank you very much for using our application.

      A concept of “Transfer” in Money Manager is transactions between your own accounts. When you make transfers to other people, or when they make transfers to you, it is considered as income/expense.

      Transfer section is mainly used for managing your “Time-Deposit”, “Insurance”, and “Savings”. In case of “Time-Deposit”, it is recommended to transfer out from your “Salary” account and transfer into “Time-Deposit” account.

      The current settings below does not reflect transfer as an “expense”. If you wish not to indicate savings/investment/insurance/loan transfers as an “expense”

      Settings > Configuration > Investment/Loan Transfer

      If you change the option from On to Off,

      You can confirm that savings/investment/insurance/loan transfers are now considered as “Expense”.
      We will do our best to make it better.
      Thank you.

      Kind Regards,
      Money Manager Team


    • you can group together a set of accounts. Let’s say, you have 3 accounts in American Bank. But you want to keep a track of all your money in American Bank, as well as a detail of how money in each account. The account group could be called American Bank, and the Accounts could be Savings account, Investments Account, Reserves Account.

      The balances in each could be:

      Savings 3,450.00
      Investments 8,050.00
      Reserves: 500.00

      Then, the total balance in the American Bank group will show 12,000.00

      I use groups to segment my bank accounts.

      For example, I have a group account called Bank X – Current Account – Personal.

      And in there, I have some accounts like

      BX_PERSONAL – Meals
      BX_PERSONAL – Transport
      BX_PERSONAL – Entertainment

      Another group like Bank X – Current Account – Home.

      with accounts:

      BX_HOME – Rent
      BX_HOME – Services
      BX_HOME – Maintenance


      Whichever way you choose, you should consider organizing your money so that you can find easier where and to your money goes. Both in your bank and in your wallet.

      Hope I made myself clear.



  3. Hi. I’d like to do a summary of the current features I would like to be implemented in Money Manager, some of them I have requested before, some of them not, but all of them are still missing. And would be nice to hear some of them could be candidates to start working in next releases. I hope this message doesn’t just get ignored, and the developers really take some of these suggestions into their sight for next versions. Money Manager is a great choice for us users who would like to manage our finances. These are features I’ve seen in other financial apps which are not as great as Money Manager, but that would make it one of a kind, with no close comparison with any other financial app.

    Thanks a lot in advance for considering them.


    TRANSACTIONS SUPPORT; n amount of incomes, expenses and transferences grouped together into a single transaction, with some mechanism to check all inputs into the transaction matches all outputs from it.

    BOOKMARKS EDITION SUPPORT; a way to edit a bookmark template, other than creating an instance of it, modifying it, saving it again as bookmark and deleting previous one.

    ACCOUNTS LIST VIEW BY DEFAULT; some of us use only the list view of the accounts when creating an expense/income/transference, would be nice if there were any global option to select that as default other than the grid view.

    TAGS SUPPORT; would be easier to classify our expenses, incomes or transferences by adding some tags on them, maybe predefined tags we can administrate, and to be able to choose one or more for a given expense/income/transfer. Even for accounts, so we can group together groups of accounts as well.

    THEMES; more color themes, or even the chance to let us define the color theme. Also, let us change at our convenience the main balance colors, red, blue, black, to other sets we define. maybe I would like another kind of blue, or change black for purple. Would be cool we can define the colors we would like to see the text schemas.

    SUB-SUBCATEGORIES; would be nice there were an extra level of categorization for expenses, incomes and accounts.
    Category class -> Category -> Subcategory
    Account class -> Account group -> Account

    MULTIPLE EDITION ENHANCED; Multiple operations edition currently is very limited. Would be nice it could be amplified to edit more group criteria, for example, change all source accounts, or all destinations, or the date and time of all the selected registries.

    PIN LENGTH VARIABLE; A fixed 4 digits pin is very unsecure, maybe consider growing it to 4 – 12 digits, and letting the user decide the length of his choice.

    ACCOUNTS SECTION WITH COLORS; Would be very helpful to classify our accounts groups title bar with a background color of our choice.

    MULTIPLE FINANCES CONTEXT MANAGEMENT; currently, only one financial context can be managed per device, 2 if you buy also the pro feature of the free version; but would be nice to select the context (or even login the latest one, if none is chosen) you want to manage. Say I want to manage a budget for my family finances, for my personal finances and for my business finances. And none has anything to do with one another, so, segmenting the financial contexts would help a lot. That is, having the chance to have multiple contexts at once, even if you log into each at a time.

    POSITION SAVING; Sometimes we have to open other apps like excel or scientific calculator for more complex operations, and when we’re in accounts section, it rolls back to the first account always. Would be nice that the previous bundle could be saved so we could resume the position where we left. You have a similar behavior in the bookmarks section, and whenever you go into an account’s details, it comes back to the position in the accounts group where you issued the account’s details. Problem is getting out of the MM app in the accounts menu. Maybe also adding some quick navigation arrows for fast forward or backwards in the accounts menu. This will help a lot us users with more than 200 accounts.

    ACCOUNT BALANCE FLOATING POINT; Inside an account detail, the balance of 0 still appears red for some cases, blue for other and black for the rest, I am guessing it still has rounding issues in the floating point, would be nice this could also be corrected so all appear as as neutral (black, or whatever neutral color we choose).

    QUICK ACCOUNTING CLOSURE; If we want to start a fresh management budget with accounting term closure purposes, we currently have to write down the balances in every one of our accounts in any external app, then issue a “reset contents only” action, and finally, restore by hand one by one the balances we saved earlier. A simple option to automate this would be VERY helpful. Some action like ‘Close accounting term’, which would save the current balances somewhere, create a backup, perform a “reset contents only”, and create an income (positive or negative) to state the starting balance in all accounts.

    DATABASE SHRINKING; Over time, tables become fragmented after lots of inserts and deletes, and performance becomes affected. Would be nice an option to perform some tables defragmention (copy active contents to another table, truncate table and restore saved info from the other table into the original table, or any other defragmenting strategy of your choice as developers) to improve database access performance.

    BACKUP TITLES TEMPLATE; The chance for us users to define a backup titles template, so we can define a mask with the format for the automatic title to get created. For example, a template for autobackup could be “auto_GP_[yyyy][mm][dd][#].mmbak”. A template for user backup could be “MM([yyyy][mm][dd][#].mmbak”.

    MORE WIDGETS; We need more widgets than simply total balances in expenses, incomes, and credit card movements. Maybe expenses and incomes graphics, like the statistics tab; Also, maybe balances, incomes and expenses for selected accounts.


    • Hello. This is Money Manager Team.
      Thank you very much for using our application.
      We are very sorry for your inconvenience.
      Unfortunately, we don’t support the sync feature you said.
      The goal is to provide services within the first half of this year,
      However, that function requires new security feature and a large system, therefore, We apologize for the difficulty in giving you an accurate schedule.
      We will do our best to make it better.
      Thank you.
      Kind Regards,
      Money Manager Team.


  4. Hello, ive been using the brown version for years and it was great, but when I shifted to the blue one, and after having transferred all my data, im facing a problem with the currency, which is resulting in a discrepancy between the entries and the total for every day. I tried to change the currencies but it said that all data will be deleted. Any suggestions?


    • Hello. This is Money Manager Team.
      Thank you very much for using our application.

      If you don’t mind sharing data, please send us the backup file(for Brown version) and the simple reason.

      We will do our best to make it better.
      Thank you.

      Kind Regards,
      Money Manager Team.


    • Dear Valued Customer,
      We got your question about the using application on your PC.

      PC Editing is provided on paid version.
      In PC Editing, your phone is worked as the server.
      Therefore you should check your Wifi of phone and network of computer.

      They must be connected to the same wifi.
      If you don’t access PC Editing, You could try to select the ‘Port’ button.
      And when you use PC Editing, Your phone should keep the PC Editing view.

      You could refer to below URL

      Some users have reported the problem that the Flash Player does not work on Chrome.
      Please try on other browsers.
      Or refer to URL below to set Flash Setting on Chrome
      We will do our best to make it better.

      Thank you.

      Kind Regards,
      Money Manager Team.


  5. Hi there! I’ve been using this app for 5 months, and it’s unbelievably helpful. Have a question, though, When I use the PC manager it doesn’t display any chart. Do I have to install a particular Flash version or something like that?


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