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Welcome to Money Manager Android User Guide!

Here, you can find all of user manuals for our features and services as well as troubleshooting guides!

Also, if you have any further queries or you are experiencing an issue which you cannot find any solutions please ask us any questions here via commenting system! We will respond back to you as soon as we can.

You can also leave some comments here as well for any kind of suggestions so that we can improve our services in future updates.

Have a nice day everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚



1,190 thoughts on “Welcome! / Q&A

    • Hello. This is Money Manager Team.
      Thank you very much for using our application.

      Please follow the steps below to register the liabilities.

      1. Add a new asset as “Loan on account tab.
      If โ€œ-โ€(Minus) is not present, it will be registered as an โ€œassetโ€. You should use minus when you add new debt.

      2. Transfer loan payments from your bank account to Loan account when you repay the debt.

      If you need more help, please feel free to contact us back anytime.
      Thank you.

      Kind Regards,
      Money Manager Team.


  1. Hello team. Do you have any plans to correct the “no data delay” the app has whenever you’re not in any WiFi and it fails to check license via network data usage any time soon?

    It hangs up to 10 seconds and totally messes my fingerprint access, since i overload the fingerprint to lock\unlock the phone whenever it is not asking for a fingerprint authentication. And since it hangs there until it finds no data access in low coverage areas, my phone interprets fingerprint as lock command.

    We need any feature to reset a days countdown for license check whenever you are in a WiFi, so it doesn’t check (and even spend data access) for a license until the countdown reaches zero without having logged into any WiFi. This way license check will still be enforced, but won’t mess our daily performance or data access costs.

    Some 7 days would suffice, in order to foresee vacation periods.

    Please, take it into consideration. It is a downside to have to wait for the delays whenever in a no cover area.

    Thanks in advance



    • I forgot to mention. Being in a WiFi you can ask for license check every single time, if you wish. But having detected no WiFi connection, while the countdown is not zero, license check via data usage should be avoided to prevent app start delay. Only after the 7 days or so have passed without having checked license via WiFi, then license check should also be tried via data usage.



  2. I have transferred money from Accounts to Savings but I would like this money to disappear from the totals column of the transactions window. At the moment I can only remove Savings from totals column of the accounts window.


    • Hello. This is Money Manager Team.
      Thank you very much for using our application.

      The case of ransfer is not included in Total.
      We are sorry to say that we can not understand exactly what you said.

      We donโ€™t want to be a hassle but could you explain again in detail with screenshots?
      That will be very helpful for us to solve the problem.

      For the quickest possible answer, send Email.
      Android > (supports@realbyteapps.com)
      iPhone > (support@realbyteapps.com)

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind Regards,
      Money Manager Team.


    • Hello. This is Money Manager Team.
      Thank you very much for using our application.

      We are really sorry for your inconvenience.
      Unfortunately, we donโ€™t support the feature to change fonts size
      Our team has agreed with your opinion about the feature to modify fonts, and a part of our team has begun to assess this particular issue.
      However, please note that we already have a planned update schedule in place, therefore it might take some time for us to reflect this on our service.

      We will do our best to make it better.

      Kind Regards,
      Money Manager Team.


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